The Nuances of Hosting a Gambling Fundraiser

Gambling fundraisers for charity is a voguish choice and an impressive way to be the harbinger for a social change that you care about. At the same time, navigating through the dos, don’ts, and legality can be a Herculean task when charity gambling events approach.

Whether it is an elephantine or Lilliputian, advocating for a local group or a national or international NGO, learn thoroughly even the intricacies of hosting a legal gambling fundraiser.

 Choose a Charity

It is crucial to have clarity on who you want to raise funds for; if it is an ambiguous one, work on making it coherent by learning what you want the specifics to be. It would be commendable to visualize your ultimate objective because this will motivate you for an immense deal of effort and endurance.

But chart out where you ought to maximise your effort to for this to be a profitable endeavour and to utilise your time effectively. Give intense thought about your target audience, and what factor will ensue people to donate – is it a local, national, or global issue?

 Make Sure It Is Legal

You need to fortify your event in terms of legality. This is not something to play with. You should ensure exhaustive research concerning the appropriate state or local charitable gambling laws and implement it rigorously during the planning stages.


Be wary, and the one-size-fits-all approach is a myth for gambling fundraisers, as the laws are diverse from games and raffles to bingo and auctions. And the icing to the cake is every state has its own set of regulations.

When you are embarking on this venture, the last thing you desire is to land them all in boiling water because not following the laws can land you in criminal penalties.

 Check Whether Your Cause Qualifies as a Charity

Another vital element is to ensure that your cause can be permitted as a charity in association with gambling events and fundraising. This research will also clear your doubts on IRS tax rules and if the proceeds will be tax-exempt. The finest option would be to seek outside advice from a qualified lawyer on some experts in this field.


Set A Fundraising Target

Once you are clear with the laws, check on whether your charity qualifies, the ultimate step involves establishing a fundraising target. Most of these events are transparent about their goals but ultimately, it is your call. Work with your chosen organisation to come to a consensus on the cost required to transcend that issue – make it achievable.

An examination of the purpose of your event will succour you to decide on ticket prices and how many you ought to sell. If people can observe how proximate you are in realising your goal, it may encourage them to chip in to actualise your target.


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