The Colossal Casino Heists in History

The appealing element of heists kemboja lotto 4d has lingered in the psyche of humans since time immemorial. Hence, we encounter this plot being featured in a myriad of movies from Oceans 11 to 21,

The exhilaration of flouting fortified levels of security and the prospect of getting away with an elephantine sum renders a hair-raising narrative. Another intriguing element is the bolstered plan, sophisticated technology, and the integrated workforce that executes in unison.

However, everything is not rosy in real life, and this daring exploit might transform into a nasty and sinister one where the culprits are caught and punished.

 Soboba Casino in 2007, Las Vegas

While many casino heists claim to have inspirited the plotline of Ocean’s 11, however, in this failed casino robbery, we witness a deviation from the norm where the criminal admits that it was this movie that filliped him to attempt his own pilfering.

Ronaldo Luda Ramos, an employee at Soboba Casino, was responsible for installing cameras and other security paraphernalia at the venue. Who would know things better!

Ramos used pepper spray and then tied up on his fellow employee; he then fettered up two other employees employing a black BB pistol. He then stole $1.5 million and escaped with the help of his driver. You might wonder what makes this a failed caper. The simple reason that they were arrested a few days later.

 Ritz Casino in 2004, London

The facade of a heist, as portrayed in movies, is one where criminals start erratic shooting or raided in a hotel room with heaps of cash laid on the bed. A mainstream portrayal, but what if we witness caught criminals being released unscathed with the added incentive of permitting them to keep their earnings of $1.9 million.

This is not a fancied imagination but the reality for a trio of Eastern Europe at London’s celebrated Ritz. The trio deployed lasers on their mobile at the roulette table to examine the speed of the ball, wheel, and the numbers with the highest probability. This conferred on them a hand to scrutinize the most satisfactory outcome.


Though their accounts were initially frozen, soon, the court ruled that they were not involved in illegal methods, so they roistered in their colossal winnings.

Crown Casino in 2013, Australia

A Herculean Heist of $32 million, and the common trend with these mammoth exploits, mostly involves an inside hand. This heist involved a security camera watching casino employee who aided a high roller at the card table by providing volatile information.

However, the duo was eventually unravelled over an extended period, and the employee was dismissed. Since the casino was able to recover most of the money that was not transferred out of the casino, they both incurred minimal consequence, with the player being returned to his home country without any legal penalty.

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